I haven’t done one of these in a while, probably because time keeps slipping by so fast and I’m getting way too sentimental. But now that Little’s getting bigger, I’m noticing things she likes, and things I like.

For example, she definitely has a few favorite toys. She loves the Teeth teethers from Nuk. I know. I’m thinking teethers are just things to chew, what difference does one make from another? Well, apparently, a lot. Because today I gave her a different teether and she continued to cry until I grabbed one of the 3-piece set. I really think its the size, the way they’re so easy to pick up and hold firmly in her hand while its shaped to fit in her mouth just where its needed. Other toys she enjoys include International Playthings Hide’N Squeak Eggs, Taggies Grabby Elephant and books and books and books (see below).

Her hair is finally just barely long enough to wear clippies and bows. After two boys, its hard for me to get used to (and remember to) putting a bow in her hair. And I just don’t think of myself as a bow-type of mom. Still, I’m really pleased with how the clips by Giddy Giddy stay in her hair. (She still has very little locks, so the teeny tiny clips that would probably hold back about 3 strands in my hair are perfect for a little baby girl.)

My bag of choice has been, for a while, the Skip*Hop Studio Tote. I’m still amazed that its fitting everything I need. And I love the pocket placement on the outside. Everything has its place.

I’ve also found myself using my Vera Bradley Tech Case all the time. This obsession started at Disney World, where I stored my cell and our Keys to the World. Because our room key and our credit cards were all attached to the cards, I never needed to carry anything else. Now that I’m back my tech case goes everywhere with me. It travels from bag to bag holding my ipod touch, cell phone and�drivers license. And when I’m doing a quick trip (like preschool pick up) without a bag, the tech case is all I need.

She’s eating now, too. And I’ve mentioned it before, but I just love feeding her with Plum Organics baby food. We’ve eaten out almost every night this week, and its been so easy with Plum Organics. I don’t need to bring a bowl because the baby food just squirts out onto the spoon–less mess, less dishes. And the fact that the packaging rolls up means there’s less carbon footprint.

Little also has a few favorite books. She’s really into the touching books, so I’ve been collecting a few of the That’s Not My… series from Usborne, which are so sweet. We also read Eric Carle’s The Very Lonely Firefly and Martha Alexander’s A You’re Adorable at least once a day. Note to anyone looking to buy a baby a book: my baby loves to touch, feel and sing!

Over the past 5 years we’ve received a lot of samples. Some of the companies mentioned in this post have provided samples including products by Vera Bradley, Skip*Hop, Plum Organics, Giddy Giddy, Nuk, International Playthings and Usborne.

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