Yesterday I was a part of a team for 77kids, a new store by American Eagle.  11 cities nationally took part in 77kids Do Good Day.  Here in Philadelphia, we assembled a team and decided to do our good by visiting a local retirement community.

Without getting totally sappy, I’ll just say that it was a special day.  Our kids enchanted the residents in the retirement community and it was nice for me to be a part of something like this.  The day was a reminder to me that life is so fleeting and precious, and that it’s important to seize each day by doing and bringing some daily good in our lives.

The 77kids Philly Mom Blogger Team

I picked up these beautiful roses at Produce Junction. We gave one rose to each resident.

One pooped camper after doing good all day.

 After we left the retirement home, Colleen from Classy Mommy and I went to our local mall to hand out dollar bills with notes attached.  Each note suggested a few ways to do a small bit of good in the world each day.  I was not surprised but a bit disappointed at the reaction to that – people looked at us funny when we handed them money.  Some people wouldn’t take the dollars – one person even brought their dollar back!  In today’s world, we’re all suspicious – everyone wanted to know what was expected of them for receiving a free $1.  It only reinforced to me how important it is to Pay it Forward and try and just be a nice person on a daily basis to try and diffuse the skeptical state of today’s society.

Many thanks to 77kids for letting me a part of this wonderful initiative. 


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