7am_ls5002tWe go outside in all types of weather, due to preschool runs for my older child. A good warm and weatherproof footmuff –like 7 AM ® Enfant’s "le sac igloo 500(tm)"  makes our constant traveling a lot easier for my baby. Perfect for an infant car seat or stroller, the "le sac igloo 500" features include a convertible hood with detachable faux fur trim, a inside detachable fleece blanket, a non-slip backing, and 5-point harness openings.

You can either use it like a little sleeping bag or convert it to a single panel bunting on your infant car seat or stroller. The "le sac igloo 500" stays attached to your stroller or infant car seat with a long velcro attachment strap on each side of the footmuff, plus the non-slip backing. Colors available are kiwi (green), black, rose, beige, cafe and pink (pictured are kiwi, black and pink).

The "le sac igloo 500" was perfect in really cold and wet weather, when I absolutely had to take my baby out for our thrice weekly preschool runs. The hood was a big improvement over other buntings that I had used with my older child and the fleece blanket inside make it even more comfortable for my little gal. The sides unzip all around for easy access. There is a little zipped pocket on the front (where sometimes I stashed my car keys) and a wider pocket with 3 matching buttons.

There are 3 sizes and prices. The Small ($115) fits 0-6 months, the Medium ($138) fits 6 months to 18 months, and the Large ($158) fits 18 months to 3 years.

Check 7 A.M. Enfant’s website for a store locator.


  1. I really love the style and designs of 7AM Enfant but was truly shocked to find out that EVERYTHING is coated with Teflon. I think it’s a French thing where how a product looks is more important than how toxic it is. Seriously, please remove the Teflon Coatings!!!

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