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Who out there loves those Adult Coloring books? I love them. My boys do too and you can often find the 3 of us sitting at the kitchen table, each of us working on a page.

I noticed this cool spin on the Adult Coloring Book today on Groupon – Color Your Canvas.It’s an Adult Coloring Page but on a canvas. I bet these would be just beautiful.

The deal is to a website called but it’s definitely worth getting a Groupon for it because here’s the skinny on the discount: $295.20$45.99

While I love doing the adult coloring pages but don’t *do* anything with them when I’m done so starting on a canvas is a nice option since it gives you that choice to hang it on your wall to display when you’re done. I’ve been working on this page since the holidays. It’s out of a book called Enchanted Forest that Santa actually gave to Nate but I commandeered it:

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Wish I had been doing this on a canvas! Color Your Canvas.


  1. beeee-you-teee-full! a framer -even as is. . .

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