Even though I am pretty early in my pregnancy, my belly is “popping out” much sooner than with my first child. My maternity clothes are too big (and I’m not really ready yet to put them on yet). I still want to wear my low rise jeans -but they aren’t buttoning! What can do? B-Buckle, created by the fab Jennifer Noonan, came to my rescue. To put it on, unbuckle your pants, loop the b-buckle (through the nearest belt loops),snap and then go!. That’s it!!
Sizes run small (0-4), medium (6-8), and large (10-12). I tried the large, and it works for now! But since I am a plus sized mama, and only have one pair of low rise jeans anyway, this isn’t going to work much longer for me. However, getting to wear it in the early stages of my pregnancy was great. Stylish and funky, I am a big fan!!
Readers may recognize Jennifer Noonan’s name. She created the sucessful NOM brand. Jennifer told me via email, “I created the b-buckle when I was designing maternity clothes for NOM! I noticed that lots of women wanted to keep wearing their non-maternity jeans and were actually using the ol’ rubber band to keep them on. As a mom of 2 I wanted to slow down a bit, so I sold NOM to a great company–Bellydance Maternity. I love the b-buckles and am just doing this now, it gives me time to be with my boys and keep having fun making new styles and designs.”
They also ship internationally (and celebs love this product)! To grab a b-buckle for yourself or a pregnant friend, go to www.mybbuckles.com.
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