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Last week I was up in Manhattan for my 4th BlogHer and 2nd Blogger Bash. Both are fabulous blogging conferences/events and they happened to overlap this year. There's always an insane amount of events whenever you get a bunch of social media influencers into one city together. In my 3-4 days in New York City, I'll generally not have a free … [Read more...]

Who would you be if your mother had died in childbirth? That was the question Dr. Priya Agrawal for Merck for Mothers posed to us over the weekend on a panel at BlogHer on raising awareness to help end maternal mortality. Really think about your answer. It's a terrible thing to contemplate. Growing up without a mother; or consider this -- … [Read more...]

So do we really need another BlogHer recap? Probably not. Especially since BlogHer was almost two weeks ago and I'm like moldy bread late with this post in terms of Internet time. But here I go anyway. Because after four years of BlogHer conferences, it's what I do. I've been a little slow to post it partly because I was on vacation after … [Read more...]

It's such a thing, what to wear to BlogHer. Part of me thinks it's silly - people get so worked up about what their attire will be.  But I also know that secretly I love it because it's my excuse to take a few days to really look nice and also to shop for new clothes! For this week's Fashion Friday, I thought I'd highlight some of the items I … [Read more...]

Surely I'm a tad biased in saying this was the most beautiful bag at BlogHer, seeing as this is my bag.  But I'm completely obsessed with this bag in ways I can't even begin to explain unless you are also a woman and a bag coinessour. This bag is the Knomo Rubi Laptop Briefcase ($325). I know it doesn't come cheap but it's oh-so-wonderful, … [Read more...]

So after two weeks of using the Motorola Xoom tablet, I can finally say I have gotten the hang of it.  As you guys can see from the photo, my kids love it too! Things that are great about it: easy of use. Even if you aren't an Android user, it doesn't take look to learn how to use this. size. It's nice and small and fits really snugly … [Read more...]

Before I left for BlogHer, I introduced you to the Prepaid card with American Express.  The American Express prepaid card allows you to budget but still have all the benefits of having a card that acts like a credit card in your wallet. As I said before, money burns a hole in my wallet.  I swear I walk around and it just falls out in droves. … [Read more...]

Going backwards.  The Ugly. A standard conversation piece or question at any blogging conference is, "so, how long have you been blogging?"  I mostly get this question from the brands but bloggers do ask it as well.   My answer (7 years this fall) always gets the same shocked response.  "Wow, you're like an old timer!  That's … [Read more...]

Having a blast here in San Diego as the crazy weekend of parties, meetings with brands and lots of schmoozing continues. They announced yesterday that BlogHer 2012 will be back in Manhattan, which I'm thrilled about as less travel time means less time away from my kids! (who I'm really starting to miss by the way) I'm sure I'll share some … [Read more...]

Just took a video in my room with my new Motorola Xoom and uploaded it to YouTube - all in ten minutes! Loving using it and finding it very easy to use.  Check out my amazing view from my room - I'm in heaven although missing my kids because the pools here are amazing and I know they would love them! Disclaimer: Motorola is compensating me … [Read more...]