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Since I hosted the Mom Mixer in Philadelphia earlier this month, I've been saying how I was reminded that Play-Doh is such a good universal toy for kids of all ages. Because I've watched as my boys (Almost 9 &6) have spent countless hours now playing with it. One of their favorite toys now is Play-Doh's Sweet Shoppe Candy Cyclone (retail … [Read more...]

The fun with Play-Doh from our Mom Mixer continues in this house! I came down yesterday to finding these creations on the kitchen counter. The possibility of imaginative play with Play-Doh is truly infinite. … [Read more...]

Play-Doh is seriously one of those universal toys. It's fun for almost all ages and allows for so many possibilities and hours of play. This past weekend, along with Colleen from Classy Mommy, I co-hosted Mom Mixer, a social media event for brands and Moms to come together. Our title sponsor was Hasbro and one of the things we had during the … [Read more...]

We have a snow day here in Philly. The kids were getting rammy so I sat them down at the kitchen table with the Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe from Play-Doh that Santa brought. I sat them down at 10 am ET. By noon, they still hadn't moved. For two hours, they played with this toy, having a blast and I've barely heard a peep from either one of … [Read more...]

Resurrecting an oldie but goodie because this continues to be a really popular post on Mommies with Style despite the fact that the original 20 Non-Candy Halloween Ideas is from 2014! Of course we know the kiddos love candy but I'll be honest, my guys love getting some non-candy in the mix for something different and of course as a parent it's easy … [Read more...]

Earlier this week, we were hit with snow storm Stella. It was winter's last attempt at saying her peace. At least, I hope that's the case because I'm going to be super cranky if we get any more snow at a this point now that it's the end of March. It's no secret that I'm not a fan of the cold and snow. This snow was brutal too because it was snow … [Read more...]

Besides the obvious bread and milk, what do you have on your list for when a big storm hits? Bread and Milk funny: So what do you really need? Are you really going to starve without bread and milk? Here's my two cents on storm prep. We're expecting about a foot of snow here in Philly (maybe more?) this weekend: up to 2 feet for those of you … [Read more...]

This isn't our first review with Kiwi Crate but it's been awhile. The last box we got was in 2011! So let me give you the update: is a monthly subscription based service. Each month your box comes with two crafts or projects for your kids to interact with. All the pieces are there and there are fun instructions included. There's … [Read more...]

Most of New England is preparing for a big storm to wallop them tonight and tomorrow.  I'm seeing reports of up to 2 feet up in CT and Boston!  Here in Philly there's a big debate among the meteorologists about how much we'll actually get but either way, it won't be a surprise if my kids get a snow day tomorrow. Here's a couple of quick … [Read more...]

Who loves talking about HOT toys for the holiday season? Join our #HasbroHoliday party at 1 pm EST on todayhosted by myself, @WhitneyMWS and Colleenfrom @ClassyMommy. Weve got tons of amazing hot holiday toy giveaways and cant wait to share the scoop on the latest new hot toys from Hasbro with our guests. #HasbroHoliday Twitter Party … [Read more...]