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Continuing on my theme of Skype posts this summer (I'm acting as a Skype Ambassador), I wanted to talk today about Summer Travel and the ways Skype can help you when you are on the road. Since we've been on a road a ton this summer, Skype has gotten good use! We just returned from 3 weeks out of town and the first week is worth the biggest … [Read more...]

Last month I announced my participation in a Skype Ambassador program with Mom Central.  I talked about the basics and how much I love using Skype in my every day life. Delving a little bit more into that, I wanted to talk today about how it just makes communicating with everyone in my life so much more efficient and easier. I use Skype for … [Read more...]

So this one was an easy one to take part in - I'm excited to announce that I'm going to be working as a Skype Ambassador for the next couple of weeks. I'll have just a couple of posts about Skype and my use on Skype. This one was an easy one to participate in for me because I'm on Skype daily! I love Skype because it keeps me connected … [Read more...]

Nate has been bothering me for several months now about wanting an Xbox One.  We have a Wii U and had an Xbox 360 and he really didn't play the Xbox much so I didn't see why he would suddenly start playing an Xbox One. But all of his friends were apparently on the One - but playing games like Call of Duty so I told him I was not starting with … [Read more...]

Note:  I’m a part of a fun holiday campaign for 12 days of giveaways!  Free stuff to Mommies with Style readers!  Every day for 12 days there will be one (or possibly 2) prizes for you to enter to win here on the site.  Missed a day?  Visit the Mommies with Style Giveaways page to see what’s current for you to enter! HP Webcam HD … [Read more...]

While I always thought the idea of a touchscreen computer for the family was cool, getting one wasn't on my priority list. I had no idea what we were missing. For the past few years, we've been using a regular desktop in our kitchen area. We use it for a variety of reasons -- the biggest is probably games and web-surfing for the kids, but hubby … [Read more...]

Are you a little afraid of shopping for anything electronic? Does Geek-speak give you hives? Do you cringe when the guys start comparing the size of their.... (uh, cellphones, big screen tvs, etc - what did you think I was talking about?). Then How to be a Geek Goddess is the book for you! It's a manifesto for us chicks to take our rightful place … [Read more...]

Seriously, toss them. Tear them up. BURN them. Because you're starting over. Right. Now. Let me tell you how much fun we've been having with our new Sony Mylo. Its the gift I should have given to my husband. Instead, we're all fighting over who gets to play with it next. The mylo (short for "my life online") is a hand-held portable device which … [Read more...]