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Started off the New Year right with a second round of Whole30. Or at least I thought I was starting it off right, but in the spirit of full disclosure I have to admit: this Whole30 didn't go as well for me as it did the first time around last year. I didn't cheat but I didn't eat well. I didn't meal plan as well as I should have, and I … [Read more...]

Day 20 this morning and I've run out of steam a little bit. I did something I'm totally not supposed to do during this 30-Day Challenge, I stepped on the scale. According to Whole30 Rules, you aren't supposed to be looking at the scale for 30 days because it's not about your weight. It's about your food, how you feel and focusing on overall … [Read more...]

As I continue on my Whole30 this month, I find myself appreciating the overall lifestyle food change towards real food. This is my second Whole30 and overall I've been trying to implement better eating habits for myself and my entire family in the past couple of years. It's a slow change for the better. My kids and husband love fruit and veggies … [Read more...]

Are you guys ready to tell me to shut up about Whole30 yet? I promise that's not what this is what this post about, just the bonus for those of you who may be doing it. My friend Amy turned me onto this meal planning website, I've used a lot of meal planning websites along the way but I really like this one. *It's incredibly … [Read more...]

It's been hard to keep up with this blog the way I did for years in recent months; other social media jobs have me busy and definitely fulfilled so it's a good thing! But I promise I'm not going anywhere! While I may be posting less, I'm still here all and will always covet my little space here on the Internet. Look for more to come from my … [Read more...]

This is it - my official, "I'm doing the Whole30 again" post. I was too chicken to post when I started it last year because I was afraid I'd waiver and not stick through it but now that I've done it successfully once, I have much more confidence this time that I'll muddle through this go-around. If you're not familiar, Whole30 is a 30-day clean … [Read more...]

So I'm back from five days in Disney, where I ate and drank ALL THE THINGS. The massive amount of walking we did while there certainly helped combat some of the bad eating habits but now that I'm back to the grind I know I need to make some better food choices.(Which shouldn't be too hard - no one's offering me a margarita pool side today) I … [Read more...]

When I was doing the Whole30, one of my favorite afternoon snacks was Banana Chips. They're healthy & tasty and helped me with that need of something sweet without sugar. I have a great recipe for you guys today to make them homemade! Please note these do contain sugar but the sugar is optional. If you are paleo or just eating healthy, you … [Read more...]

I did it! I have completed the Whole30 and I didn't cheat once! <---Never, ever did I really think I would be typing this line 30 days after having started the Whole30. Yes, I started it hoping I would complete it but if I'm being totally honest, I wasn't sure I could manage to stay away from so many things for 30 days, most especially wine … [Read more...]

End of week 3. Not much to say that isn't already in my daily diary that I'll paste below. This was a tough week. I'm SO close! But I would say that I've thought more about quitting these last few days than I have the entire time. It's the weekend's that really challenge me. Yesterday and today are better but you'll see I almost threw in the towel … [Read more...]