When you pack your child’s lunch for school do you put their sandwich in a plastic zip-type bag? Well, I do and I not only feel like I am wasting the bags but I am also harming the environment by creating more plastic waste. Did you know that each day, over 20,000,000 baggies are discarded and added to our nation’s landfills? I was astounded to find that out and cannot in good conscience continue to contribute to this adverse environmental trend. Well thanks to Wrap-N-Mat you can say goodbye to sandwich bags!folding_wrap.gif
Wrap-N-Mat is an environmentally-friendly, re-usable sandwich wrap and placemat in one. You simply place the sandwich or any other snack foods in the center of the wrap and fold left to right, top to bottom and close the hook and loop fasteners. I know you’re wondering (at least I was) whether it will really keep my sandwich fresh? Well, I tested it out and, yes, it will keep your food fresh for hours! You can also place a cold ice pack alongside the mat to keep the food cool. earthbutton.jpgYou can even eat right off the mat since it becomes a placemat when opened. It is super easy to clean by hand washing it. There is also a Grande Wrap-N-Mat for those who enjoy larger sandwiches.
Little changes to our everyday routine can make a big difference to our world, we just have to start! Help treasure our planet by purchasing a Wrap-N-Mat today.

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