Let me start by saying that I loved my education. . But there was one aspect that was lacking, humanities. In high school I was even signed up for a humanities elective, as my parents were hoping to broaden my cultural awareness, but the class was cancelled due to lack of interest. In college, I found the arts to be an area where I was not as educated as my peers. And while I took classes to catch up, I’m hoping to help edcucate my children in the humanities so that they won’t be forced to catch up later.
So I’m really impressed with one of Baby Einstien’s latest books: Windows of Color. Julie Aigner-Clark’s newly published book uses color, historical artwork and her poetic prose as another way to introduce babies and toddlers to the world of color. She combines works like Chagall’s The Blue Village with defining words (in this case, “cool, deep, sky”). Turn the page and you and your child will be introduced to vibrant photos of every day items in the color being described.
We all know that babies are attracted to color, patterns, and shape. They love to hear words being formed. Its part of the natural curiousity that Baby Einstein addresses and uses to introduce to families. This new boardbook is available at Baby Classroom for just $5.69.


  1. I have had this book since Jacob was a baby and it was one of his favorites (he still likes it!) Jonah now loves it and it is part of our reading routine every couple of days!

  2. I will have to get this book! I was a humanities major in college and LOVE the arts, and one of my goals is that my children will grow up loving the arts as much as I did. Thanks for the review!

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