Sideways shot of me in my Curve Appeal jeans

Recently I received a pitch from Curve Appeal Jeans. My eyes and ears always perk up at something that promises to make A my “rear assets” look good.  I mean really, who couldn’t use a little of that?

Using some kind of clothing technology that I won’t pretend to understand, these jeans have an enhanced “bottom booster” that lift and sculpt and firm things up if you know what I mean. They’re designed specifically with women and their curves in mind. Model Kim Alexis is the brand spokesperson and also a Mom.

“There is nothing in the denim market that is fashionable and also addresses women’s matters regarding body image and self confidence,” Kim Alexis states. Women want to stay fit and healthy while aging gracefully. We also want to wear age appropriate clothing, but still remain in-style and on-trend.  This concept of cutting edge technology coupled with stylish design, embraces a woman’s curves by lifting and slimming. As her curves are enhanced, her confidence is boosted, which carries over to other areas of her life. Embrace your curves, celebrate being a woman.

These jeans only just debuted; so far you can only get them online at

At the time of this review, they have many of their Curve Appeal Jeans at 50% off!  Even without the discount, I thought it was a great price for high end jeans ($88-$98, depending on cut) but now you can get them for $44-$49.

Front shot of me in my jeans. Craning my neck as I talk on my home line & take a pict with my iPhone. Multi-tasking at it's finest.

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Curve Appeal jeans to facilitate this review.


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