Both of my cats have the annoying habit of eating ribbon and bows. When they do actually manage to get a hold of some ribbon (I’m pretty good keeping it hidden), you can imagine what follows. It’s pretty much a feline puke fest. How I got the two cats who both love to do this is beyond me as I grew up with plenty of cats who never did this. And I never realized how many items have ribbon, twine or bow on them until my two kitties came along.
That said, it’s more of a nuisance than anything – but it’s particularly annoying during the holidays or someone’s birthday when I can’t put a bow on anything. (I swear they zone in… they can be two stories away sleeping but bring in a present with a pretty bow on it and they’re like bees to honey.)
So I know my cats aren’t the only ones who do this – which is why I thought I’d share what I think is an ingenious solution to this problem: Gliza bows. They’re flat, snazzy-looking paper bows and my cats have no interest in them. Yay! Of course these bows aren’t really designed for people with cats, that’s just an added bonus – the design and purpose of these bows is to avoid crinkling when you need to ship a present or travel with it in your purse or car. I actually really like the clean look of these too – it’s something different.
Use coupon code ZZZA1 for 10% off your order on the Gliza Bow website.

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