LillyChair.jpgIsn’t it a hassle to clean your child’s car seat cover? You have to disassemble the straps, wash the manufacture’s cover sometimes by hand, wait for it to air day and then go through the labor-intensive process of reinstalling the car seat? Well, don’t be annoyed and frustrated anymore! The Lilly Pad is a waterproof car seat cover that is super easy to slip on to your existing car seat cover. It attaches in seconds by using Velcro closures to secure it. The Lilly Pad comes off just as simply for easy cleaning since it is machine washable and dryer safe! It comes in a host of stunning, stylish, soft, luxurious fabrics! The Lilly Pad will fit most 5-point-harness toddler car seats. It is specifically made to fit the Britax® Marathon™ and Roundabout®.
On our recent trip to the beach, I had put on the Lilly Pad cover just before we left to test it out. My daughter loved the Serengeti print and kept telling me “how soft and comfortable the fabric is, Mommy,” when I asked her how she liked it! When we came back from the beach and we noticed her car seat was full of sand, we were able to get rid of it in seconds thanks to the ease of removing the Lilly Pad!
So the next time your child has a potty accident or dumps his or her cup of milk (not on purpose, of course) on their car seat, keep the Lilly Pad in mind! You’ll both love it!
Use code “MWS” for free shipping from now until September 30th, 2007.

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