It’s fair to say that diaper changing is not the most celebrated responsibility of mommyhood.  And while I’m waiting for my little one to arrive, I’m certainly keeping my eyes peeled for anything that could make the job a little less messy.  Bottom’s Up Baby Gear’s changing pad cover helps minimize the mess while also cutting back on laundry.  Solving one problem while alleviating another?  I’m sold!

nursery With their patented design, Bottom’s Up Baby Gear has created a changing pad cover that provides a plush upper half for baby’s comfort and a wipeable bottom half for mommy’s easy cleaning.  A typical changing pad cover needs to be tossed in the wash after every messy diaper change.  With this cover, clean-up is as simple as a quick wipe. 

The high-quality, vinyl bottom is both non-absorbent and extermely durable.  By using baby wipes or disinfectant wipes, an accident during a diaper change can be resolved in seconds.  Plus there’s peace of mind knowing that your baby’s skin is always touching a clean surface.  The top portion is created with ultra-snuggly minky dot fabric offering a more soothing experience for your baby.  Each cover also comes with a matching pillow contoured to support a baby’s head and neck.

When needed, the sections can be detached by a zipper allowing for separate laundering or swapping out colors for a new look.  You can change the look of your cover to match a nursery by mixing and matching bottoms and tops.  Choose from nine color options for the minky dot (white, light blue, light yellow, light pink, dark pink, sage, dark blue, latte, and chocolate) and two vinyl selections (white and chocolate).  The cost savings of not needing multiple changing pad covers practically pays for itself.

For a cleaner way to solve a messy problem, Bottom’s Up Baby Gear’s changing pad cover can be purchased for $39.98 online.  Use coupon code baby and receive free shipping until 1/31/10.


  1. I just bought this changing pad cover for a friend with a newborn baby boy, and she was ecstatic. She was already sick of washing her cloth cover, and it’s only been three weeks! I got the blue minky top to match her nursery and the chocolate bottom. It looks amazing!

  2. I’m thrilled that the Bottom’s Up Baby Gear changing pad has become an addition to this awesome website. This changing pad cover is fabulous. I have given it as a gift several times to expectant mothers and they love it, however the true testament comes after their bundle of joy arrives. Everyone sings the praises of this cover especially how it helps in their very hectic daily routine. I love giving this gift; it’s not only beautiful but also extremely useful. Thank you Bottoms Up Baby Gear for making me a great gift giver!

  3. Carolie Tuss says

    I just bought one for a friend who has a newborn. When I showed her the product, she shrieked with excitement at the thought of not washing a pad after a big changing. I plan on purchasing this product for every friend who is having a baby, and I can’t wait to use it for my own babe due February 14th!
    Arlington, Virginia

  4. This is my “go to” baby gift. Most new moms don’t realize how inconvenient the traditional baby changing pads are until they have to continually change out the covers due to baby messes. This cover makes it so simple to keep a stylish and clean changing area. Perfect gift for today’s busy moms.

  5. I was searching for a wipeable changing pad cover myself as I got tired of changing and washing changing pad covers. I went to check Bottom’s Up website but they don’t show you how much this it cost. Does anyone have any idea how much it is? I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

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