March 31st releases:
Hannah Montana: Keeping it Real is $13.99 on Amazon, five Hannah Montana episodes including guest stars Corbin Bleu and Dwayne Johnson.
For the Moms & Dads, Marly & Me. I have yet to see it but hope to soon as they filmed parts of it right here in my hometown of West Chester, PA. I’ve heard it’s definitely not a family film though as it’s sad at times!

Handy Manny’s Green Team
DVD released and is a good purchase this week for Earth Day. Manny and tools conserve and preserve the Earth’s resources in the episodes on this DVD. $13.99 on Amazon.
Out April 7th, My Friends Tigger & Pooh and a Musical Too! has Pooh and Friends in a full length episode with seven new songs. It’s $18.99 on Amazon, a must-have for Tigger & Pooh fans.

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