It’s not every 3-year-old who ends up with a broken wrist. But following a fall from a treehouse, my little guy has 2 bones with buckled fractures. Upon choosing his cast color, he happily announced it to be “Phillies red” and wore it with pride.

So the huz raced to his computer to find decor for the cast. Who knew what was out there, right? And we are SO pleased with his findings. Casttoos are easy to apply and look fantastic–simply peel off background paper, lay on the cast and blow it with a hair dryer. The little guy and the huz had a great time decorating the cast, deciding where each baseball, bat and base would go.

Casttoo doesn’t just create baseball tattoos for the cast. They have a pretty cool selection of designs from traditional tattoos to sports to floral. We think the x-ray design is one of their best.

Use code MWS2009 to receive 10% off of any and all Casttoo Purchases.


  1. Julie- W looks so cute and happy!!!! Yay to huz for finding those for you.

  2. Thanks Candice! He loves his cast… even here at the hospital the nurses are making a big deal of it and passing the info on to the nurses in the right department.

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