Like many moms, I find my time in the car to be spent being entertained by either my children fighting over who gets to hold Thomas, replays of “Happy Birthday Princess” and “The Curious George Song”, and an incessant report of the signs, the weather, the clouds and airplanes. So when I do get a moment of peace, I do enjoy my music, my thoughts, my calm.
But since being introduced to That Baby DVD and CD, I’m actually getting a little bit of my music, my calm in my car, even when the kids are awake and strapped in. The producers, a Seattle mom and dad just like us, searched through their old cassette tapes and albums (okay… they aren’t that old… but this is record album music) to find child-friendly songs that we enjoyed. With vocals by talented Portland artists, That Baby DVD and CD remix songs of our lives, starting off with a fantastic mix of Circle Game and Happiness Runs. Yes, I am talking songs we know, songs that, if I can ever dig out the many cassette mixes from my parents basement, I’ll find on nearly all of them. And now my kids know them. I love that we’re all singing along to These Are Days, Pony Boy and Garden Song (Inch by Inch).
The CD that we listen to so often is actually a complement to That Baby DVD, which includes most of the songs on the CD as well as a few perks like the alphabet. On the DVD, the songs are joined by children and their families playing, enjoying nature and life around them. A favorite on our DVD player is the puppet show that accompanies When We Grow Up (Free to Be).
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