No matter how much planning I do with gift giving, there’s always someone left in the end.  Are you guys with me? The good news is that today, December 20th, there’s still time to buy online and receive your gifts in time!  Not everywhere but here’s a few items and ideas that will arrive in time – this one’s my all time fav:

Buckyballs – Orignal Edition, $34.95 with free shipping.  Because typically that last person you are buying for is the person you had no idea what to buy for, am I right?  And Buckyballs are a great gift for anyone (beyond the toddler years & kids who will mouth these).  My kids love these, I love these, I’m sure my grandmother would love these.

For all ages – these small magnet balls are just all around fun.  Amazon Prime members can get free two day shipping and if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, pay a couple of bucks and get this in time.


  1. This product is NOT appropriate for all ages. In fact, it must be kept away from ALL children and is an adult product only.

    • Craig – definitely not for small children. My 8 year old plays with and loves this product though and isn’t a risk factor at all for putting it in his mouth! Obviously it’s up to the parents digression but should not be in any house with young kids.

  2. My grandsons love Buckyballs!!! so these do indeed make a WONDERFUL gift for age appropriate children.
    NOt for toddlers who still put items in the mouth- common sense applies.

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