I have both a four year old, and a three month old. This Christmas my son is easy. He can tell me what he wants, and even if he doesn’t tell me, there are a TON of things that I can think of that he needs (OK wants). My daughter on the other hand needs nothing, but of course I want to get her things, so I wanted to share a few items from Skip Hop that I found to be perfect for her, and a few that I loved for my son.


The Skip Hop Stroller Bar Snack Toy ($20) will be perfect for when she is ready to start food. I remember how little bits of food kept my son occupied while on errands. This playful pup attaches to the stroller bar, keeping little ones busy while out and about. Baby can explore multiple textures and sounds while the dishwasher-safe holder keeps snacks handy throughout the ride.

The Roll Around Hedge Hog ($8) engages baby in developmental play. The flexible body has easy-to-grasp openings that help little hands build dexterity. The rattle encourages rolling, shaking and tossing, while teethers and beads offer more to touch and explore. So much fun in such a little toy! You can also choose the Bee or Owl versions.

The Tug and Clatter Key ($8) This colorful toy is sized perfectly for little hands and easy to hang anywhere. With a multitude of developmental features, little ones build important sensory and motor skills. From the first stages of reaching and grabbing to more advanced play, baby will be stay busy discovering textures, teething, tugging and more. It’s perfect to hang anywhere your little one can reach, and will keep them entertained.

skip hop lunchie

For my son I am loving the Lunchie and Straw Bottle gift set.  ($20)

The Limited Edition ZOO Lunchie Gift Set is perfect for preparing your little cub for an arctic expedition to the bus stop. Frigid temps are no match for the insulated, wipe-clean interior that keeps food just right until the end of a fun-filled outdoor adventure. Sized for little kids, these soft lunchies have a roomy main compartment ideal for packing a warm lunch on a cold day.

The matching Zoo straw bottle gives little ones a “big-kid cup” with the protection of a flip top lid, and the inside mesh pocket holds canteen money or utensils.

Skip Hop offers toys and items for kids of many ages. I was just happy to find ones that my little girl and use today and those she can use a few months from now. All will be perfect for her little hands, and I can’t wait for “Santa” to bring them this holiday season.

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