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Last weekend, I went with 3 friends to The Lodge at Woodloch, an all-inclusive spa resort located in eastern Pennsylvania. It’s about a three hour drive from Philadelphia and a two hour drive from Manhattan so the Lodge is an ideal spot for a quick weekend get away for us mid-Atlantic folks.

We were there celebrating my bestie’s 40th and had a spectacular time. It’s making me a little bummed just to type this review because it’s so dull being back home. Sadly, no one is attending to me with a cold towel for my forehead or a relaxing massage.

Travel & Leisure Magazine ranked the Lodge at Woodloch as the #7 spa destination in the United States. This place is stop notch.

Let’s start with me telling you about the Food. My friends are going to laugh that I’m starting out the post with the food because well, that was what I took the most pictures of. I was snapping photos of literally every meal placed in front of me – but how could I not?! The farm-to-table food was not only extremely healthy but insanely delicious. Gluten-Free and Vegetarian folks would be in heaven at the Lodge at Woodloch because they offer tons of options daily with each meal for both of those diets.

Here’s the menu from our first night there. Amazing options. Bonus points if you can find the funny typo on the menu that night:

For lunch both days, I had this Smoked chicken, spinach, fresh brie & apple sandwich. It was so good on Saturday, I had to have it Sunday too!



And every breakfast and lunch, there was an accompanying buffet station with fresh salad & fruits. Lunch had the most delicious salads – Sunday I had Turnip Soup. Who knew turnips could be so tasty?

So food is included in the price of your stay, and so are the Activities and Classes.

All four of us did the Drums Alive! aerobic class on Saturday and had a friggin’ blast. I was smiling from ear to ear the entire 50 minutes and am pushing my local gym to add this onto our collection of offered classes as it was not only a good workout but a ton of fun. {If you want to see a little of what it’s like live, check out this YouTube video} Seriously. You’re never too old to bang on things with sticks – it’s like a primal urge that you don’t even know you have, but trust me, you do.

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There’s plenty of cardio classes offered but being that it’s a wellness resort, there’s also a complete array of yoga and meditation classes. I attended one but Stefanie won for best yoga class attended when she went to the Wall of Yoga class and did a bunch of crazy poses like this:

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Another favorite class of ours was the Wine & Chocolate Pairing. Wine and all alcohol is an extra cost and not included with your all-inclusive fee. That also applies for some of these special classes, like the Wine & Chocolate Pairing Class which we paid $40 to attend. It was well worth it.

We were treated to a presentation by Woodloch sommelier Leslie, who definitely got me out of my normal Pinot Grigio comfort zone when it comes to types of wines and I now have a couple of new favorites:

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Last but in no way least, there’s the spa.

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There’s a diverse selection of spa treatments available at the Lodge. Our first day there, I had the Blues Be Gone Massage. It was 75 minutes of bliss. It was like a traditional massage with various oils and scents like Eucalyptus and Mint being involved.

I also had a Reiki treatment. I had always been curious about Reiki; I have a cousin who is a Reiki Therapist. I have to admit, I felt a little like I was being Punk’d and didn’t totally mesh with the whole Reiki thing. {If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a page that tells you What Is Reiki?} The premise is that energy is transferred from the Reiki Therapists hands into your body without any touching. The energy goes into your body and goes to the places it’s most needed. While I found my hour session very relaxing, I wasn’t feelin’ it and I was definitely a bigger fan of the massage.

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You can utilize all of the spa facilities at Woodloch, even if you aren’t paying for a spa treatment. They have several hot tubs, a couple of pools, a sauna, a Eucalyptus room and more.

What else can I tell you. The rooms were beautiful with plush pillow tops and upon checking in, we were able to call the front desk to order what kind of pillow we each preferred. (Several options were given to us including a Memory Foam and a Sleep Number.) Our room overlooked the parking lot but the pack of the hotel overlooks a small but pretty lake so if you’re visiting, be sure to try and ask for a lake view.

Speaking of the lake, the Lodge at Woodloch has a sister resort – called justWoodloch. This is a family-friendly resort and I have not been but looking at their activity sheet, it appears to be a much different experience (Go-Kart racing and active options for kids.) Someday I hope to take my family over there to check it out too. So if you can’t get away without your kiddos, there’s a nice option for you.

Both the Lodge and regular Woodlochbook up quickly but Groupon seems to offer slight discounts here and there so be sure to check there to see if there are any deals for the Lodge at Woodlochif you plan on checking it out.


  1. Love Woodloch… and love a good spa! Sounds delightful.

  2. I am going at the end of the month, AND I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! Your trip makes me even more eager to go.

  3. This trip looked so wonderful. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  4. I just went there last month for the first time with a group of life-ling girlfriends to celebrate a 40th too! AH-maz-ing!! I can not wait to go back! Such a gem to have right here in PA in the Poconos!

  5. I’ve been there and we had the time of our lives. 🙂

  6. Looks AMAZING! I’m in need of a girls weekend so bad…. I was super jealous of your Instagram posts!!

  7. Looks fun. So – what was the typo in the menu? I couldn’t find it.

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