Hey Mommies, want to win a Sony digital camera? Staples is giving away one Sony W120 Digital Camera (retail value $199.00) to one lucky Mommies with Style winner. Some specs about the camera:
• Offers 7.2 mega pixel and 4X optical zoom lens
• Available in pink, silver, blue and black
• Features innovative “Smile Shutter” technology – it knows if you are smiling or not and will help you take better photos
• Available on staples.com and in Staples retail locations today
Here’s some info from Staples about the giveaway and the awareness they are trying to raise about one campaign this season:
Staples wants to make this Holiday shopping season EASY for its customers, by giving 10,000 customers a chance to win their holiday gifts for free through our Gift It For Free sweepstakes. From November 16, 2008 to December 24, 2008, 10,000 lucky Staples customers will win their entire purchase (up to $5,000) for FREE! Great news, right? Well, not everyone thinks so, but we do! To prove how easy winning can be, Staples wants to make one lucky Mommies with Style reader a winner, with a Sony Digital Camera worth $199! Contest open to US Residents only.

Leave us a comment in this posting to enter – make some small talk with us by answering the following!: Are you done with your holiday shopping? If not, how much more do you have to buy? One winner will be selected at random after this contest ends, by end of day December 22, 2008.


  1. I’ve been done for a couple of weeks now. I like knowing it’s all hidden away in the basement ready for Xmas eve. Haven’t done any wrapping though…

  2. I think the late Thanksgiving really threw me this year. I am only about half done. I have to get teacher gifts before Friday, all three of my nieces, a few gifts for hubby and son, and stocking stuffers. We scaled way back this year, but I am still behind. Thanks for the chance to win this! It would be awesome!

  3. I’m done and have been since end of October. However, I put my husband on task to buy each of the boys one thing and he’s yet to do it. LOL!

  4. I have just a few more gift cards to buy at different stores and then I’m done!!

  5. I was just checking these out online! Being the pink obesessive lover I am, I would love to snatch one of these up.
    Am I done with my shopping? I haven’t even started yet — I know, pitiful.

  6. I am done, done, DONE!
    **happy dance**

  7. just 1 more gift ( I think I can I think I can) and then I can just relax – camera would be a great bonus (since mine just got thrown down the stairs my toddler and only partially functions:) timing is everything)

  8. I am almost done just need to buy for my MIL!!! Any suggestions??

  9. I thought I was done…and then I remembered my daughters daycare teachers! How could I forget them!!!

  10. DONE, DONE, DONE!!! I had a baby in October and was determined to be finished before coming back to work! YAY me!

  11. I’m almost done. I feel like I got most of it done fairly early but took a break and worried i’m falling behind. Only a few family and friends to go.

  12. Colleen Hallisey says

    I am *almost* done! I need to pick up some restaurant gift cards and scratch tickets – then I am DONE!! I’m still doing some more baking too – almost done with that too!

  13. I am *almost* done! I need to pick up some restaurant gift cards and scratch tickets – then I am DONE!! I’m still doing some more baking too – almost done with that too!

  14. done? I’m never done. i’ll start next week on ’09.

  15. I thought I was done, but then I remembered my babysitter. Whoops! I’ve been too sick to leave the house all week, so I will have to give it to her after Christmas. Hoping to buy some lottery tickets too if I ever get better!

  16. Stephanie Cobert says

    Yes, I am done with my shopping and can’t wait to give them out and watch everyone open their gifts.

  17. Done? Is there such a thing? For as long as I can remember I have perpetually been “almost done” when it came to preparing for christmas. So much to do, so little time (and money)!

  18. I’m done since I’m expecting any day now and don’t know when I’ll be in labor…

  19. I have just a few things left to get for my daughter husband’s stockings plus a few things that I’m buying for my Mom to get other people since she can’t get out shopping right now due to illness.
    I’d love a new small camera to put in my diaper bag to catch all those fun random moments.
    kateyhyde at gmail dot com

  20. I am done shopping (I think!). I have a baby due any day now – maybe today? maybe tomorrow? so tried to get a head start this year. It was actually quite peaceful… maybe I should try it every year (the early shopping, that is, not the baby!). Hope I win the camera. That would be a lovely baby gift!

  21. Almost done with shopping, only a few stocking stuffers left to buy!

  22. Everything is done and wrapped all that is left to do is grocery shop and plan meals for 10!!! Happy Holidays.

  23. I finally finished shopping on Thursday…I now have moved on to baking treats and wrapping! It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it! What a great time of year!

  24. I finally finished shopping on Thursday…I now have moved on to baking treats and wrapping! It’s a lot of work, but totally worth it! What a great time of year!

  25. Not even close!!! I had a baby a few weeks ago and am sooooo sleep deprived and not skilled enough at venturing out with a newborn and active toddler to even attempt any in-store shopping. The minute I open my laptop to try some online shopping, my toddler thinks it’s time to watch You Tube Thomas the Train videos or just bang on the keys! I’ve given up and made my apologies already!!!!

  26. Awesome giveaway! I would love to win this for my mom…she is in dire need of a camera. I am pretty much finished with the Christmas shopping…except for some stocking stuffers. The holidays really crept up on us this year! Thankfully I am such a great online shopper!

  27. I am almost done. I just need to get my husband to figure out what he wants us to give his dad, and I need to get my husband’s gift(s). We probably need a few more stocking stuffers but otherwise we’re done!
    Merry Christmas!

  28. Suzanne K. Ramirez says

    I finished my shopping two wks ago. I would love this giveaway since my camera is on the way out, it barely turns on. So glad my shopping is done and presents are wrapped. So excited for Christmas.

  29. Thanks for the great giveaway! I am so happy I am done as of yesterday. Now I need to get them wrapped!

  30. Jennifer Smith says

    I am done shopping and done wrapping! I am just hoping my youngest (18 months) does not unwrap them before Christmas!

  31. Heather Wheeler says

    I’m done with my shopping! Thank goodness

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