My 6 year old infomercial junkie is in love with his new Monster Shamzee, can you tell?  Shamzee is empty until it “eats” a pillow and becomes a stuffed animal for your child to play with.

Choose from six unique Shamzees (unicorn, ladybug, tiger, poodle, bulldog or green monster) – they all fit a standard sized 20″ x 26″ bed pillow.  Some of the Shamzees eat the pillows horizontally and others vertically.  They are machine washable.  You can buy them at Shamzees.com.

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I’ll leave you with this last photo – isn’t this so cute?  The first day he had it, he sat and watched TV and held his Shamzee’s hand for several hours and wouldn’t let go!  Now of course he sleeps with it every night!



Disclaimer:  I received a sample Shamzee to facilitate this review.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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