This is our most recent purchase: a birthday present for the baby, I spent some time at Toys R Us trying to pick out the right kitchen. Of course hubby kept jokingly trying to steer me towards the Home Depot tool bench aisle, but I wasn’t to be swayed.
But as it turned out, we purchased a “hubby-approved” kitchen as this one from Little Tykes is both a kitchen and grill. Because of the double side, it’s very versatile — when they get tired of playing with the kitchen, there’s a whole second side with a grill and bench. The kitchen side offers cabinets, a fridge with magnets, a stovetop and sink. The grill side comes with a set of tongs and spatula. I’ve been cooked several “hot dogs” in the past few days off the grill. (Which, with battaries, turns on and “lights up” like a grill.)
Anyway, my kids are loving it so I had to give it a review. It did come with some flowers for the “window sill” which we chose not to install with an all-boy family. (Not that boys can’t enjoy flowers, but ya know, without the pinks and purples of the flowers it makes the toy a little more boy looking)
This one’s a great holiday or birthday gift. I almost waited and gave this one for Christmas – I could only imagine the looks on their faces to see this set up from Santa, but I caved and it became a birthday present instead.
You can find it on Amazon, in store at Toys R Us or on the Little Tykes website. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, this side-by-side kitchen is currently on sale on the Little Tykes site (normally $79.99, down to $59.99 until November 7th) and is definitely a good deal.


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