Next time you’re at your local CVS, check out CVS’s new line of cold packs for injuries, suitably named Peas Cold Therapy. Playing off what we all grew up with (bag of frozen peas on a swelling ankle, anyone?), these cold packs come in all shapes and sizes.
According to the CVS website, the reason peas were always so widely used was that they conform for swelling, as well as retaining the cold much longer than traditional ice packs. So this new line of reusable Peas Cold Therapy does the same as small gel-filled peas inside of the packs do the same thing.
They’re promoted for anyone – adults, kids and the like. Of course it helps with the kids that they come in some neat and fun shapes like a duck and a star. Our duck has already been in use as has been uniquely named “Boo-Boo Duck” to go along with the Boo-Boo Turtle and Boo-Boo Car that we have in the freezer.
Find them in-store at CVS or online. $6.99-$9.99 depending on the size of the pack.


  1. What a great idea! We’ve used frozen peas before but this seems like a fun alternative!

  2. What an awesome product idea. I want to review these… seriously i’ve been using peas as my ice packs for the last 20 some years of being a runner/athlete/now just hope i get out for a run kind of person!

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