We’ve been in the car a ton lately. I counted the hours just to make myself a little crazy. Since January of this year – we’ve logged 40 hours in the car on road trips down to North Carolina (twice) and back and forth to New England a few times.
And as you guys can imagine, it’s not always a good time in the car with two boys aged 5 and 2, so I’ve found myself often looking for good travel toys.
One toy I picked up at Amazon that has been a hit is the Crayola Dry Erase Activity Center. I actually bought it thinking my five year old would use it – it comes complete with templates that help kids write their letters, count numbers and more. But it also comes with a blank page, which my 2-year-old really enjoyed writing on.
It comes with four dry erase markers and an eraser, so you can use it over and over. Although I will say that the dry erase markers dry out pretty easily – we left them open capped in the car overnight during one of the trips. I ended up going to Walmart and picking up another 4-pack of dry erase markers for minimal cost.
Check it out on Amazon – $17.99, you can also find it in-store at Toys R Us.


  1. need to buy this for our trip to TX (from NY!)

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