Pronounced like the word “sigh,” Psi Bands are wrist bands designed and worn to help curb nausea. They’re made to provide relief to anyone experiencing nausea for a number of reasons — pregnancy/morning sickness, motion sickness, chemotherapy or whatever reason may exist for feeling queasy.
They work by triggering pressure points in your wrist that help the wearer tolerate and prevent nausea and vomiting. You’ve probably seen similar products at the drug store before. I know I actually wore a pair of similar ones (much uglier!) years ago on a cruise. They didn’t work for me but I had actually split them up with a friend who was also sick – she wore one and I wore the other – all the while, no one told us you had to wear both to feel the effects! (I’m sure the folks working the cruise got a good chuckle out of us.) So don’t make that mistake if you purchase these – wear both.
What makes these wrist bands better than the ones you can get at your local drug store is that they are so cute and stylish. It doesn’t even really look like you’re wearing any sort of medical bracelet or something that’s in any way hokey looking – in fact, I doubt anyone would even know why you are wearing these, they’re so cute looking.
Check them out on the Psi Bands website; each set sells for $19.99. Pick based on your style – they have plain black too which are certainly both-gender-friendly for Dads experiencing sympathy morning sickness… (do those guys really exist?)

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