BinkyBeads1.jpgI’m not sure who in my family likes pacifiers more – me or my son? When my son is fussy, I just pop one in his mouth and he is instantly silenced. There is nothing like this silence after he has been crying for a while! However, when it pops out of his mouth and falls on the ground, I get so annoyed and the crying starts all over again! So when I came across BinkyBeads, I thought it was the perfect addition to my son’s pacifier.
BinkyBeads are durable, colorful handmade German wooden beads that are saliva resistant and easy to clean. The beads attach to your child’s pacifier and then to their clothing and actually stay on. BinkyBeads are also great for teething. They are completely non-toxic and are guaranteed to look good for years! There are over 50 styles to choose from and they can also be personalized for an additional $2 for a one-of-a-kind gift! I love the fun, vibrant designs they are available in. Check out the adorable BinkyBeads for girls, boys or unisex babies that are made in the USA! They make fabulous gifts!

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