BB-Samples.jpgDon’t you hate when your baby’s pacifier falls out of their mouth and you are left scrambling to find where it landed just so you can then put it back in their mouth only to have it fall out again and again? Well Binky Buddy to the rescue!
The Binky Buddy will become your new best friend. It keeps the pacifier from falling away from your baby’s mouth. It’s very easy to use! Just simply slide the holding ring part of the pacifier (it only works with holding ring pacifiers) behind the strap on the Binky Buddy and fasten the Velcro though the center of the pacifier ring. This allows the pacifier to stay put near your baby’s mouth. Therefore, when the pacifier falls out of your baby’s mouth, the Binky Buddy enables your baby to retrieve the pacifier without any help! It provides a soft and cuddly extension to the pacifier which helps your little one independently retrieve the pacifier. You can wrap it in a swaddle so there are no more sleepless nights! Also, you can put it in the car seat restraint which will help in the times when you dangerously have to reach back while driving in an attempt to find a lost pacifier! Best of all the Binky Buddy can be easily washed; simply remove the pacifier and machine wash in warm water and tumble dry! The Binky Buddy comes in both pink and green and ships for $1.00!
Save 10% by paying for your order and then e-mailing with the code MWS and the 10% will be refunded to you.

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