It never occured to me that electrical outlet plugs could be dangerous. Everyone has them. Its the first thing you do when you move into a house and/or have a child: you cover your outlets. And while there are many options for the covers, I never would have thought that some of them (specifically the ones I had) are dangerous.
Until I head of SafetyCaps. The creator of SafteyCaps’ daughter choked on a smaller, regular-size outlet cover. Choked, as in put it in her mouth and it got stuck. And who hasn’t almost had this happen? You go to vacuum and leave the plug on the floor. Then the doorbell rings and, distracted, you completely forget to replug in the cover. Of course, the obvious concern would be that the outlet isn’t covered (which is a big concern. I’ve heard the story of my uncle putting his fingers in when he was a kid too many times.) But what about that safety piece? The little, tiny cover? If you have the least expensive ones then its very possible that your child could easily find it on the floor, totally ignoring that electrical outlet, and play with the plastic piece, inevitably putting it in her mouth.
Thankfully, there’s an alternative. Rather an measuring 1 3/8″ across, Safety Caps measure 2 1/4″ and have airholes similar to those on pacifiers. Making them safe the awful case of mouthing.
Reasonably priced, SafetyCaps is currently offering a special: by 36 and get 12 free, or buy 72 and get 28 free.

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