I’m learning there’s something about Organics that makes food tastier. Remember the smoooshed fruits of the past? The ones that were sent to school in your lunchbox? Kind of stretchy, kind of tasty, but, really, not all that good. But along comes FruitaBü™ and smoooshed fruits are suddenly yummy and healthy. The boys and I can’t get enough of FruitaBü™’s Smoooshed™ Fruits. We’ve been snacking them down for a few weeks now, and each time, we want more than just one.
Full of flavor, they’re also fun to eat. Available in Twirls and Flats, its a tasteful bite made of 100% USDA certified Smoooshed Organic Fruits™. No sugar added.
Available at Stretch Island Fruit Company and Amazon, you might want to order a bunch. They’re individually wrapped, easy to toss into my gym bag (and becoming my post-Pilates snack of choice.) And my son is eats at least one a day at lunchtime at school.

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