Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 5.02.25 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 5.02.36 PM Last weekend at Mom Mixer, I was introduced to tommee tippee’s latest product – the 360 sealer Diaper Disposal System.  While my kids are long out of diapers, it’s not hard to remember the stench that dirty diapers can create in your nursery and house!  Having a decent diaper disposal product is KEY to not being grossed out on a daily basis!

tommee tipee’s 360 sealer Diaper Disposal System is available exclusively at (retail value, $49.99 but right now it’s on sale for $39.99).  This diaper system uses a lock and seal method for preventing bad odors – each individual diaper goes into the 360 sealer and is sealed up in a bag inside of the diaper disposal system until you are ready to empty it out!  (It will hold up to 30 newborn sized diapers)

Speaking of newborn diapers, it hasn’t been *that* long since my boys were little, but man, newborn diapers are SMALL!  I miss tiny baby butts!

I had to share a picture of my shock at the cuteness of newborn diaper size here at the tommee tippee booth at Mom Mixer:


I got to demo putting the diaper into the 360 sealer, it was very easy!


I didn’t know about tommee tippee when my boys were little but I have certainly heard of them now.  They are top-notch infant and baby product company and their offering goes beyond the 360 sealer.  They also have an entire line of baby bottles, baby and toddler feeding products, breast pumps and much more.

Here’s a couple of pictures we took of items at their booth:



Visit the tommee tippee website to see the entire product sheet, or find them in-store at your local

Disclaimer:  tommee tippee was a sponsor of Mom Mixer.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I have yet to use any Tommee Tippee brand items but after checking out some feeding products at the Mom Mixer I definitely will. Their bottles and cups are on my list! The gift sets they provide are awesome. I was at a baby shower on Sunday and Tommee Tippee products were being opened left and right. I haven’t been 100% happy with our past/current feeding products so I really can’t wait to stock up for baby #3!!

  2. I LOVE Tommee Tippee products and this looks amazing. It’s such a great price point, too. Thanks for sharing!

  3. They have so many nifty baby products these days.

  4. I’m both glad to know this exists and super excited we recently potty trained. 🙂

  5. Look at all those cool goodies…Love Tommee Tippee!


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