Untitled.jpgDoes your child love to teeth on just about anything these days? My son has been teething for months now and always goes for the remote, phone and just about ANYTHING he can get his mouth on. I don’t remember my daughter mouthing at everything, but I do have a horrible memory! So, I tested out a SoRa Charm necklace which has a sterling silver charm attached to a piece of 30” black silk chord that allows babies to touch and explore or place in their mouths for teething gums.
SoRa Charms are beautiful sterling silver necklaces that double as a teething ring/rattle. This fashionable, uniquely-designed accessory is made of 100 percent sterling silver – an antibacterial material (unlike your car keys!) and therefore safe to put in baby’s mouths. Best of all, it won’t fall on the floor! Plus, every charm has a rattle inside to provide pure enjoyment for your little one. The charms are designed to be large enough in size so they are not choking hazards. You’ll look stylish wearing it while your baby stays happy.
My son actually seemed quite content while I wore it and held him. He went right for it and was playing and teething on it for quite some time. I decided to try it out of the house as well! I wore it while waiting at my daughter’s pre-school classroom to pick her up one day where I am always holding him and trying to prevent my little wiggle worm from getting loose! I must say that it worked like a charm! It kept him extremely occupied to my delight!
Once your child has outgrown the SoRa Charm it becomes a wonderful keepsake and it is so pretty that you will enjoy wearing it again and again!
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