bjornpotty.jpg Once upon a time a mommy princess set out to potty train her three children. She bought them three types of potties.
The first potty was big and expensive. It had a place for a roll of toilet paper, a flip down lid and “real” flushing sounds. It played music and promised to make going potty FUN!. The second potty was sleek and modern. It converted to a stepstool. It advertised an ergonomic seat and matched the bathroom decor.
And the third little potty, looked like little more than seat with a pot. It was small, simple and humble. It had no moving parts. Only a small logo that read Baby Bjorn. The princess left this one in the corner, thinking it might come in handy in the royal car, if nothing else.
One by one the princesses’ children arrived to sit upon the potties. They flushed the first potty. Repeatedly. They unrolled all the paper. They made it sing songs till the batteries wore out. They pinched their fingers in the flip down lid. They did not, however, pee.
Upon the second potty the children did a dance. Up high enough to work the sink controls they flooded the bathroom. They filled the potty’s pull out container with soap and water and matchbox cars, but not with pee. They removed the ergonomic padded seat cushion and found that it actually made a fine hat.
bjornpotty2.jpgAnd then one day the three children came running back to the bathroom. ” Mommy, Mommy!” they exclaimed. We gotta go!”. The princess had long since disposed of the first two potties and so she showed them their Baby Bjorn potties that had been stashed neatly and unobtrusively stacked in the corner. All three children sat down. With no buttons to push or songs to sing, the children were very serious. A look of great concentration came over their small faces for a moment. And then they said the magic words, that every princess longs to hear.
“I did it! I went in the potty!”
When the princess went to clean the potties, she found it was true. All three of her children had been trained upon the Baby Bjorn thrones. Soon thereafter, she banished all other training potties from the royal household. Afterall, princesses have better things to do that clean up floods and replace batteries. The Bjorn potties were comfortable, portable, and easy to clean thanks to their simple all in one construction. Their shields protected the royal floor from unwanted overflow, even when the youngest prince was in training. Their colors were many, their space needs small, and they thankfully, did not cost a royal fortune.
Princess Mommies with Style with children who are potty training – check out the classic, effective and simply designed potties from Baby Bjorn. It may well be the throne that’s “just right” for your children as well. currently has this potty in Ocean Blue for only $19.95, and free shipping if your order totals over $25. Otherwise has them for $24.95 in a rainbow of shades including pink, yellow, and green.


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