So I’m just loving this new product from the Learning Curve and Caring Corners for this holiday season – Mrs. Goodbee’s Interactive Dollhouse. So much so, that I’m tempted to get one for my boys for the holidays – that would be weird, right? You guys better leave me some comments and let me know because I’m tempted.
We checked this out at a friend’s house and my boys loved it. Each room has a little something – windows that flip back and forth between “night” and “day” scenes or a kitchen table that teaches manners. Mrs. Goodbee’s all about her manners! We could all use a little more goodness in our lives, so I’m all for the product that teaches my children to be polite.
An additional neat feature with this dollhouse that they have going this season too involves Goodwill. They are asking that once your child opens it up, that you fill up the empty box with old toys and then take it to Goodwill. Obviously it’s best to explain what and why you are doing it, and to bring your child along with you to donate the toys. It’s such a wonderful thing to do with and for your children. I always feel like it gets a little obscene with the amount of presents and toys my kids get each season and I love the idea of giving back and teaching them the true spirit of the season.
You can buy it on the Learning Curve website (or in person) for $79.99, or find it in store at Toys R Us or Walmart.


  1. i’ll admit, i’ve been eyeing this house whenever i’ve seen it at the store…and i have 3 boys. i think all kids would have fun with this as it’s interactive. BUT i’m the wrong one to ask…i got my son a Littlest Pet Shop house & animals for his 3rd birthday.

  2. I’d love to get this for my 4 boys for Hannukah! Boys can have family values, too 🙂

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