You’re bound to get stares, its inevitable. Whether its just coming out of the car, you’re carrying the bag over your shoulder, or you’re wheeling Junior through the shopping center, the Mia Moda Cielo is so different, stares are going to happen. And you’re going to love them.
The Mia Moda Cielo is so different its worthy of the stares. The stroller is extremely lightweight–so light weight that my 3 year old was pushing my 1 year old around and around like it was a doll stroller–only taller and steadier. The look is different: we’re not talking a classic umbrella or travel stroller look, the Cielo has a modern simplicity with a bit of futuristic, euro style to it. Missing is the safety bar in front of the child and the sides that stick out and keep them inside. Because of that, this stroller is strictly for toddlers and up (to 40 pounds). Rather than the classic lines of fabric and bars of most strollers, the Cielo is a series of flows–a padded seat, an oval push handle, a curved backboard; even the basket (which hangs from the back, not underneath) is round.
I know what you’re thinking… isn’t that the stroller that folds?! You got it. This stroller folds down 3 times, small enough to fit into a bag that’s smaller than most of my luggage–and remember how lightweight it is? Easy enough to carry over your shoulder. Infact, when my stroller arrived I thought for certain something was missing. It was just too light and too small a box for a stroller. But I easily lifted it out of the box, and it was already in the included carry bag. A quick unzip, and Carson (yes, my 3 year old) and I assembled the stroller in less than 3 minutes. (True, the assembly pretty much includes just popping on the wheels.)

But back to the fold. The first time, getting it open, was a little bit of a challenge. Here I was, instructions in one hand, stroller next to me, trying to find the red button. Carson yelling at me and pointing all the while: “There it is Mommy! Let me press it!” To my response, “Shhh! Carson, I’m trying to figure this out!” Of course, once I realized my preschooler had figured it out himself, I rushed right through the opening. A few bends and folds and the stroller’s up and sturdy. Then, press a different red button when you’re done, a few folds and clicks, and you can zip it back into the bag.
Okay, you may have to do this a few times before its natural. The weekend after we recieved the stroller we took it with us on a roadtrip, sans instructions. And my husband and I scratched our heads trying to remember the exact way to open. But once we had it open, we were set, and each time it got easier and easier. (Honestly, so you don’t look like a circus spectacle in the mall parking lot, practice about 5 times at home. After that, it will be like riding a bike.)
So it has this awesome fold, but will it fit in my car? Like I said before, its smaller than my regular luggage. It fits snuggly behind the 3rd row in my Pilot, and, yes, it will probably fit in your sedan trunk, as it fits in our Accord trunk nicely. Not sure if I could comfortably fit it in with a set of golfclubs (if you really need me to try, let me know), but it will definitely help you when you need space for your bags and bags of purchases after a hot day of shopping.
Finally, is it comfortable? The boys say “yes.” The turning radius is tiny–I’m talking 360s like a Bug, so there is literally no tilting on the axle–important without the sides to snuggle the kids in. Both boys love riding in it and sit easily with and without straps on. My biggest concern was sleeping–it has a recline but would he roll out? While I wouldn’t bring it with me for a naptime party and let my roller sleep for several hours, a nap during a quick stroll is certainly doable.
Truly this stroller is a dream for any traveler. It stows under the plane (no, it won’t fit in the area above your head or under the seat infront of you) and fits into most trunks. And, once you’re good at it, the stroller can collapse and fold in less than 5 seconds. While a shorty like me may find the push bar a bit high, and a coffee aficionado may miss the cup holder, the luxuries included in the ease of Mia Moda’s Cielo will probably out-rank a few short-comings. (it has a great one-handed push–hold you’re own coffee!),
The winner of the 2007 JPMA Innovation Award, we found the Mia Moda Cielo on sale for $134.99 with Free Shipping.


  1. I have this stroller and LOVE IT!! I had one that the wheel broke after a trip to Disney and the company mailed me a whole new stroller without hassle. It was refreshing to do business with them.

  2. Hej, znakomity post – od dzi_ zapewne b_d_ ci_ jeszcze odwiedza_

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