So after decades of carrying all sorts of bags, I finally find the perfect wallet. I was looking for something that zipped closed (my last wallet was constantly “leaking” change into the bottom of my diaper bag.)
I found what I wanted and more in this Kate Spade wallet (officially called the “vachetta clinton street neda” – I challenge you to say that 10 times fast without tripping up). Not only does it have a separate change section in the middle of the wallet that zips closed, but the entire wallet zips closed around everything. And I love the organization of it all: 12 credit card slots and two sections for bills.
So I found it at Macy’s but you can order it online on the Kate Spade site. Of course, the reason I even thought to blog about this today is that I left one of Cole’s bottles upside down in my diaper bag awhile I was in class at the gym this morning. So an hour later after I returned to my locker, I found it had leaked all over the bag, the wallet and all of Nate’s swim clothes — the poor kid now smells like soy milk and chlorine. Oh well, one of only many Mommy casualties I’ve had along the way. (Fingers crossed it dries out okay!)


  1. oooh I love anything Kate Spade!

  2. oooh I love anything Kate Spade!

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