Last weekend, I went with my three favorite boys (hubby and kids) to our local Supercuts to get their early summer haircut.  We go short for the heat!

Cole was a little shy about going – I think because this was our first venture to somewhere other than our usual hair cut place.  Here they are waiting while hubby has his cut in the background:

He warmed right up for the hair cut and was all giggles as his neck is ticklish.

It was a good experience.  I think we paid $11 per kid and $14 for my husband.  Supercuts sells some affordable hair car products.  We got a sample of the Tea Tree hair styling gel that hubby’s been using.

Disclaimer:  Supercuts provided me with a gift card to facilitate this review.


  1. So cute. I love little boy haircuts. I’ve always had good experiences at SuperCuts.

  2. Cute haircuts!

  3. Aw! that look on Cole’s face in the first picture is so sweet! He looks scared, but so glad it turned out ok in the end!

    I love a good cheap haircut for my kids-thanks for sharing!

  4. First of all – your kids are adorable! Secondly, I never thought about super cuts!! Thanks for the post!

  5. Audrey - MOM GENERATIONS says

    OMG! I love! You reminded me to do this for the kids!!

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