Image and video hosting by TinyPic If you’re looking for terrific family-friendly entertainment, then you’re going to love the Big Apple Circus! The Big Apple Circus will be in New York City until January 18th and then back later in the spring.

All the acts were terrific! The show features the return of Bello Nock (who just returned to the Big Apple Circus after a 9 season break). Named “America’s Best Clown” by Time Magazine, he was utterly child-like and delightful. Grandma the Clown was hysterical. Played by Barry Lubin (yup, Grandma’s a man!), Grandma was sweet and graciously posed for a photograph with us during intermission. The performers hail from America, Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, England, France, Germany, Italy and Russia. All the dogs used in the production have been rescued from shelters.

My two children, ages 4 and almost 2, were in heaven. My 4 year old son, who has sensory issues, was completely mesmerized and couldn’t get enough. I was worried that he might get upset with the lights and sounds, but he was entranced and loved everything. Image and video hosting by TinyPic My almost 2 year old had a harder time sitting.Besides dancing in front of her seat and clapping enthusiastically, she also tried to imitate some of the acrobats, while sitting on my lap!
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The writer received complimentary tickets.


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