hullabaloo Wikipedia defines hullabaloo as “an uproar or fuss” which we tend to have a lot of in our house with two active toddler boys.  But there is one Hullabaloo that I’m enjoying these days, the active play, toddler game by Cranium.  Geared for ages 4+ and 1-6 players, Hullabaloo gets kids hopping, jumping, twisting and getting downright silly as they build knowledge of colors, shapes, and categories, try out all sorts of body movements (stomping, flying and twirling) and work on ever-important listening skills.

Hullabaloo comes with a talking audio console and 16 colorful, durable pads that you spread out over the floor.  The game is kind of like Twister without the stationary, fold-out mat and requires more knowledge than just your colors.  Players have to listen carefully to the directions from the console like “Hop to a blue!” or “Twirl to an instrument!”  After 5-10 different directions, the console announces a winning picture – be the player standing on that pad and you win!

Why I Like It: The game helps my toddler learn about different colors, shapes, categories and movements while getting out a lot of energy.  The game seems easy enough to use anywhere – rug or hardwood floors, indoors or out – and seems portable enough though unfortunately it doesn’t come with any kind of carrying bag or storage box.

Why My Toddler Likes It: This game requires lots of silly movements which I have yet to find a toddler who doesn’t enjoy.  “Winners” are chosen a bit at random so even players who move slower or can’t follow all the directions (except the last one), can have the potential to win the game.

Pick up Hullabaloo online or visit for a whole collection of toddle-appropriate games under the Cranium label. (FYI – Try to find the new blue box version of Hullabaloo that has two levels – instead of one – programed into the console.) Viva la game night!

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