I have to tell you about this absolutely gorgeous blanket I’m curled under tonight–because its a baby blanket! I received this sample for review and set it aside thinkiing, “yeah, I’ll get to it.” But tonight, watching nothingness on TV, surfing the web, my feet got cold. And I spotted that blanket in my pile of “yeah, I’ll get to its.”
So, I opened it and immediately thought, “ahhh… softness.” I already know that organic cottons are soft, I’ve mentioned it in every organic clothing review I’ve done. But this organic fleece? Not just soft but thick and solid.
And then the details. The border of the blanket is trimmed in natural silk. Quick note about my lovey from childhood–I was attached to a travel sized pillow with a soft, smooth silk case. So as my hand and face caressed the trim of the Robbie Adrian blanket, I was taken back to my 4-year-old comfort. And even at 34, a lovey is still a lovey. Sorry, husband, tonight I just may cuddle with my blanket.
Packaged beautifully, and with full attention to organics, I’m so very impressed with the class of Robbie Adrian. Every blanket is a beautiful refined mix of matching hues. This makes a posh present for a new baby.
So, this blanket may not make it to any baby any time soon, but its being adored by me.
I wonder if Robbie Adrian would make me an adult-sized blanket?
Order one using code MWS for 10% off.
Quick note: I wrote this review last night. First thing this morning, my 4 year old adopted my blanket. He has a softness thing. Its no longer mine. I’m bummed. He’s in heaven.
Update 6/10/08: Just wanted to inform ya’ll that Robbie Adrian does make an adult blanket, one that my 4-year-old blanket stealer would certainly love to steal from me, I’m sure. From Robbie Adrian: “Our adult size throw is 45 X 60 inches of warm and cozy organic fleece, piped with natural silk. It is cozy and elegant (and of course made in the US with 100% certified organic cotton) – naturally!”

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