My husband has wonderful memories of action figures. He recalls GIJoe, Stretch Armstrong and Evil Kneival. Repositioning, re-enacting, returning for more and more time to play. Last fall, determined it was time to introduce our 4-year-old to action figures, he assigned me a task: to introduce Carson to the action figure world. Try as I might, I didn’t find action figures. At least, I didn’t find the types I would want him to play with.
About a week later, I invited my non-believing husband to Toys R Us. Where he sadly agreed they just don’t make them like they used to.
My task wasn’t over. Still searching for action figures, I found something that can be repositioned, re-enacted, returned to again and again. What’s more, Kaskey Kids are non-violent and friendly. Inside a Baseball Guys box are 24 players, a field, scoreboard and an umpire. My baseball fans have spent much of the winter practicing the game of baseball, in our basement. Also available are Football Guys, Hockey Guys and Soccer Girls and Soccer Guys.
I’ve crossed the task off the list. My husband no longer mopes at the lack of action figures in the world, and the boys love playing baseball again and again and again.

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