Hey guys! Been awhile. Like the rest of the world, I’m struggling to get through 2020 for a variety of reasons.

One of the things I missed the most during quarantine in the spring was my gym. I got back into running, which was great, but I missed the variety of having classes and having strength training.

Finding hand weights was as hard as finding toilet paper so I turned to an old workout friend for online classes, Les Mills. For years I loved their Body Combat classes so I signed up for their On Demand classes.

Eventually, I ordered their BodyPump Bundle which has been the best thing ever. It took awhile to get to me but was so very worth it. Since there are different weights, it’s easy to adjust whether the workout is for me or my husband. Apparently they are offering one year free right now to Les Mills On Demand when you purchase a bundle! Their on demand program is great and includes classes like Body Pump, Body Combat, Grit & BodyFlow (Like Yoga).

Body Pump Set from Les Mils

I also finally bit the bullet and ordered this NordicTrack treadmill, the Commercial x22i. It was a huge gamble because I have always hated running on the treadmill. Turns out, I just needed a fun screen and someone entertaining me to make me forget all my treadmill woes! NordicTrack treadmills come with a year subscription to iFit. I can’t tell you all how fun taking these classes on my new treadmill has been. I’ve run in India and Hawaii and I recently finished a 5-part series of running the Boston Marathon. Like I literally ran along with a trainer during the 2019 Boston Marathon and it was super inspiring.

Photo of what I wish I looked like when running on my new treadmill 😀

Some days, I’m not up for run so I walk. Two days ago, I took a walking tour of Amsterdam.

They have trainers doing walks and runs all over the world and it has been such a saving grace during this crazy year we are all living in.

So yah, besides more walks with the hubby and the occasional trail run, I’ve been supplementing my lack of gym classes with my new equipment and I just love it. While I miss the people at the gym, I’m loving the convenience of being able to workout any time and in the safety of my own home.

Just one page of Walking Tours available to iFit users

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