Is there anything more daunting than that last day in the hospital? When all the forms have been signed, all tests have been completed, and mother and baby have been cleared to go home. You and your infant walk through those hospital doors and that feeling hits – Oh my gosh! They’re letting me take this baby home? Don’t they know I have no idea what I’m doing?! Perhaps your experience was different, perhaps you were more confident, more self-assured, but I remember that short 4 minute drive from our local hospital to our house as nerve-wrecking. Everyone seemed to driving so fast, so recklessly – couldn’t they tell what precious cargo we were trying to get home safely?

Which is why finding that ideal infant car seat is one of the most important decisions you’ll make – both for your baby’s safety and your sanity.

Safety 1st’s OnBoard 35 has been an excellent infant car seat choice for the last several years. With an incredible weight range of 4–35 lbs., a customizable head insert, a variety of harness heights and 17% more leg room than most other infant seats, the OnBoard 35 has been one car seat that will work well for preemies straight home from the hospital up to keeping 1+ year-olds rear-facing.

But now Safety 1st has gone and made the OnBoard 35 even better.

According to research, 1 in 4 car accidents involving children are side impact collisions comprising one-third of child fatalities with most due to head trauma. Though the OnBoard 35 infant seat has always contained a 5-point harness and energy absorbing foam to protect your little one, the new OnBoard 35 Air introduces Safety 1st’s new Air Protect™ technology which provides two levels of additional protection. First, the enhanced air-filled, side wings provide additional protection, support and cushioning for your child’s head during a crash. Second, during impact, the Air Protect™ system allows air to escape out of the side pockets, transferring the energy of the impact away from your child and reducing the potential for injury.

And that’s not all. The OnBoard 35 Air also boasts the following features:

• an ergonomically-designed handle for easier carrying

• easy installation via LATCH or seat belt

• lightweight but durable carrier (9 lbs. without the base; 16 lbs. with)

• 32” height limit

• two-position base recline

• harness heights from 5” to 10.75″

• good canopy coverage

• soft seat material available in 4 color choices as well as the SE model which includes premium fabrics with custom embroidery

Safety comes first when looking for an infant car seat, but Safety 1st goes above and beyond to make a seat that is not only secure, but easy and lightweight for parents to carry and comfortable for baby. The Safety 1st OnBoard 35 Air is available for $179.99 at various retailers online and in store, but special for MWS readers….

GIVEAWAY! Win a brand new OnBoard 35 Air in the color of your choice. A perfect choice for summer travels or an upcoming baby shower. To enter, visit the Safety 1st OnBoard 35 Air website and choose the color of your choice. Then come back here and leave ONE comment with the following two answers:

(1)  your color choice; and

(2)  If it’s your first child: “Besides a car seat, what’s one thing you’re packing for your delivery date?” OR

If you’ve already had kids: “What were your first thoughts when you left the hospital with your child for the first time?

Only one entry per person. Entries due by 11:59pm, Friday, July 2nd, 2010. Winner will be chosen by random and notified via email.


Note: Safety 1st sent a sample for this review.


  1. Nikki Studt says

    1. AJH
    2. Can the nurse come home with us? =)

  2. 1) AJH
    2) When we left the hospital with my daughter my first thoughts were, “Shew, what do we do now?” Now that I’m expecting #2 I think we’ll be a little more prepared!

    Love the site!

  3. My color choice: AIN
    First thought when leaving the hospital with our child…oh, I hope that we can all get some sleep!

  4. 1) AJH
    2) first child: This might be silly, but charger for our cell phone. Though, I hope we don’t need it!

    Nice seat!

  5. I like the MCK I believe.

  6. Katie Andresen says

    1.) AIN
    2.) I’m bringing chocolate for the nurses.

  7. I would pick the AOQ and my first thought was … the hardest part is over (yeah, right!) LOL

  8. 1) AQJ (blue)
    2) (since this would be for my friend, not me), she’d probably bring… her husband 😉 oh wait, was that an option? LOL!

  9. Heather M says

    I like the AJH color (green) I was so scared. Like “This is really happening” When I got home I said “Now what?” She just laid there. It didn’t get “hard” until she was 9 months and mobile. Then when she turned 2 I realized I had it great before then. Then 3 came. Now she’s a terror. Wonder what 4 will bring?!?!?

  10. Heather L. says

    1. AOQ-So cute!
    2.I will not forget my camara and charger! I want lots of photos of this special day and I don’t even care what I look like!

  11. Trevor S. says

    1. AOQ
    2.Lots of snacks for me, dad!

  12. When we left the hospital with our now 5 wk old my first thought was, “This isn’t as scary as I thought it would be!”

  13. I will be packing my favorite perfume. It’s nice to feel pretty after having a baby and feeling like a train hit you,lol

    my color choice is: AOQ

  14. Aoq
    I am bringing my I pod!

  15. aqq..
    thoughts were am I ready for this all by myself

  16. Shannon Baas says


  17. I like the A0Q pink color. I am expecting my fist baby and I am bringing my own pillow and new pajamas for after baby is born.

  18. I would choose the ain. I thought I can’t believe she is ours. Such a miracle!!

  19. I would select the AJH color scheme. I can remember thinking, wow I can’t believe he is ours he seemed so perfect and I was a nervous wreck I would do something wrong and hurt him.

  20. Tari Lawson says

    I would pick AIN. When I left the hospital with my first child, I was thinking “what now”. I only got one day in the hospital and they showed me videos of how to care for my son. Are they nuts? I was so sleep deprived, those videos did absolutely no good. Thank God for my mother-in-law who stayed with me for a week. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her help.

  21. I would choose the AGH color, the green and brownish one 🙂

    I had my baby at home with a midwife so I didn’t have those first thoughts leaving the hospital… i guess my first thought after he was born though was getting breast feeding started.

  22. Color: AIN
    Thanks so much, this would be so helpful to win! I remember thinking “How do I get this little bundle of joy home safely” I was already worried about things like that.

  23. Tonya Baskett says

    My color preference would be MCK. It is gender neutral and black can match anything. Along with a car seat I will be packing “The Harper” I’m Not a Boy Hospital Hat by Tweetlebug.

  24. I would choose the AJH color scheme. My first thought when we left the hospital with our new baby was “I can’t believe they are sending this child home with us when we have absolutely no idea what we are doing!”

  25. I love the AHJ color… My first thought when I brought home my son was thinking drive really careful and this baby is ours forever? We get to keep him??!!

  26. I like the MCK. And I will definitely not forget to pack my husband for our trip to the hospital!!!

  27. sign me up

  28. I like AJH, my first thought when I brought home my son was why is he crying and why won’t he stop? He didn’t cry this much at the hospital!

  29. GINA CAMPBELL says

    ALH..I just cant wait to get home and hold him.. cuddle him and just stare at him!

  30. 1)MCK – should match my BFF’s (expecting her 3rd) new car!!

    2)Kids are 8 now…first thought was “How the hell am I supposed to care for newborn twins?!?!?

  31. Ashley Gibson says

    1) AJH color
    2) Video camera, but no videos below the waist 🙂

  32. An Nguyen says

    I would choose AJH.

    I’m a first time mom. I’m bringing my own pillows!!

  33. 1. Color AIN
    2. When we left the hospital with our first I thought…we’re a family!!

  34. AJH. I was so scared and EXCITED! We had a premie so I was actually pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming that we could FINALLY go home!

  35. 1. my fav color is the AIN
    2. my own clothes so i do not have to wear the hospital gown after delivery

  36. 1. AJH
    2. Honestly, my first thought leaving the hospital was how my two dogs (aka: our kids before kids) were going to react to this new creature in our lives. They embraced him and are so protective of him I’m relieved! One of them even insists on being the first in his room every morning!

  37. Nicole Nelson says

    Color choice: AOQ
    I was so excited to be taking home that perfect little baby girl. A woman passing by said ‘congratulations! good luck in 13 years’. still laughing at that one…..

  38. 1. I choose the AJH model

    2. Besides my fiance, I will definitely make sure I have my camera 🙂

  39. My color choice: AJH
    I am due with my first in December, so I will definitely be packing some warm clothes.

  40. 1. AQJ
    2. My first thoughts were “So, it’s supposed to get even harder now?” I didn’t think it was possible!

  41. AJH. Camera.

  42. Corrie Knoll says

    1. AOQ
    2. This is my 4th child. With my first I just thought “Can I really bring him home?” He was preemie and I was absolutely terrified!

  43. I would choose the MCK.

    My first thought when we left the hospital was… Do we really get to keep her?

  44. I would pick the MCK. I’m planning on bringing extra blankets and a couple changes of clothes.

  45. AJH. They are really letting us take her home by ourselves? We don’t even know how to use the carseat and what are we supposed to do with her at home?!!

  46. 1) I love the AJH one! (The brown and green is so cute!)

    2) My thoughts were that I couldn’t believe I was actually taking my little cutie pie home!

  47. Heather CL says

    I love AOQ! The first thing I am packing for my hospital trip is my hubby! He’s the best birth coach a girl could ask for!

  48. 1.AJH
    2. My first thought was How did I get so lucky?!?

  49. 1. AOQ (the pink one!sooo cute!)
    2. I will probably pack way too much since I don’t know what to take! I know I have 3 sets of pjs now just for the hospital!

  50. I love the AJH brown and green one! I just reviewed the Air Protect convertible car seat on my blog, I love it! Now that they have an infant carrier with side impact protection I am so excited!

    As we were leaving the hospital I was thinking “boy is it HOT” and my husband was thinking “How do we get home from here?”. We ended up taking a 30 minute detour all around South Dallas on our way home!

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