aden1.gifMost people don’t have memories from before they were a year old. But I do. I remember my blankie. I remember how it billowed in the air, forming a momentary arc, before it floated down over me and I drifted off to sleep. I remember everything about it – the texture, the cottony smell, the appearance of the sunlight coming through the weave, the sense of safety it imparted. In my minds eye I see my mother’s hand attached to the blanket, her ring catching a glint of the same sunlight bathing the blanket. It’s a memory I savor – simple and full of comfort.
I’d never seen a blanket quite like that one, even after raising three children, until I saw the swaddling wraps by Aden and Anais. There was an instant flash of recognition. My blankie! I thought. And I wanted to hug the four fat little blanket rolls that came in one package, and take a nice long nap with them.
Aden and Anais blankets were created with love, and with swaddling in mind. They are slightly larger than most standard swaddlers and crafted of a lightweight cotton muslin that is incredibly soft and breathable. This latter feature is particularly critical when swaddling young infants, whose ability to regulate body temperature is not yet developed. Small infants can easily overheat when wrapped in heavier blankets.
The benefits of swaddling are myriad. Reduced colic, better sleep, calmer and more content babies. Better bloggers than me have tackled this subject. If you are pregnant, it is a good idea to learn how to swaddle now, and to plan for this practice by stocking up on swaddling blankets now, before the fact!
But even if you never master the fine art of the swaddle or if your baby is no longer a newborn, you will treasure Aden and Anais blankets. It is the perfect stroller cover for a hot summer day, or extra layer for any time. The softness is unrivaled and makes it a perfect comfort object or post-bath snuggle blanket. They even make great nursing covers as they allow light and air to pass. Blankets are available in plain white and assorted print combinations.
It may just happen that your own baby’s first fond memory of comfort and caring, features an Aden and Anais blanket. I would not be surprised in the least.
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