adiri.jpg It’s so nice when someone comes along and completely (and cleverly) re-designs something so commonplace, that no-one has really considered it in a while. Such as the baby bottle. Sure there have been variations on nipple size and all kinds of innovations to reduce bubbles. And more recently we’ve seen a reaction to the bisphenol-a leaching polycarbonate bottles, in the form of new and improved bisphenol-a free bottles. Many companies are actually looking backwards, bringing back the old classic such as the glass bottle of our youth.
But only Adiri is looking forward with a completely new and different type of baby bottle. It’s so unique, it’s turned the whole concept upside down.
Looking at the bottle you would not immediately recognize how different it is. Sure it looks sleek and modern, but it was not till I had one in my hands to play with that I realized this was not just a style thing – it was more than that. So what’s the big deal and how is it different than a regular bottle?
1. There’s no nipple that comes off and promptly gets lost under the blades in your dishwasher. With traditional bottles, you have a rubber or silicon nipple that is fitted under a ring that screws onto the bottle. Regardless of brand, size etc, this is what you get with 99.9% of the companies out there. Not Adiri. With Adiri the nipple is actually integrated into the body of the bottle, and is attached seamlessly to the chassis. What this means for the baby is that the entire top of the bottle is soft and globelike. Just like a boob. Which apparantly, babies are quite fond of!
2. It’s upside down. Or the traditional bottles are. You decide. With traditional bottles, you fill from the business (nipple) end of the bottle. With Adiri, you fill from the opposite side. What would normally be called the bottom of a traditional bottle, is the part that screws off on an Adiri. Contained in the screwed off part is a silicon petal shaped vent that eliminates air bubbles – so never fear, you don’t have to risk struggling with a gassy lassy if you decide to go with these bottles. Before you fill the bottle, you put on the travel cap, which seals off the nipple end and keeps the bottle clean and leak free during outings as well. Set the bottle down and fill, twist on the bottom to seal, and feed. The opening on the bottom for filling is nice and wide, which is particularly handy when you are pouring liquid (such as stored breast milk) out of a storage bag. It is easy enough to even fill this one handed!
3. It has fewer parts. Because the nipple is an integral part of the bottle, there are fewer tiny parts to wash and lose. Much like traditional bottles, Adiri bottles offer nipples with three flow varieties. Unlike traditional bottles, you will need to purchase a whole new bottle at each stage, rather than swap out the nipples. Personally I think it is worth it, because these bottles are so cool and revolutionary both in looks and function. They are color coded for each stage.
Adiri bottles are the product of several stages of research and design. They are quite the labor of love, and it shows. Apart from being bisphenol-a and polycarbonatefree, and looking so fabulous, they are the only baby bottle on the market that comes close to truly mimicking the shape of the human breast. So I guess in a way they went back too, even farther back than the glass bottle. But with their state of the art style, it’s nothing but progress.
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  1. Ckera Goff says

    I spent $12 for one Adiri bottle-stage 1 and it lasted for maybe one month before it started leaking from the bottom. I found myself traveling with a mess because of the leak and having no milk for my baby. I am very disappointed in this bottle.

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