CuckooBoo is a beautiful boutique that carries unique children’s handmade apparel, hair accessories, pacifier clips and id badge clips for adults.
pacifierclipcuck.jpgMy son’s been “monkeying” around with his new Pacifier Clip! I must say the monkey clip is so adorable and stays put on his shirt so he (and I) stay happy! No more lost or dirty, dropped paci’s. Your child’s pacifier stays attached to the clip, thanks to the secure snap closure. The pacifier clips are great for attaching teething toys as well.
foodpony.jpgMy daughter’s been eating, I mean wearing, the delicious handmade Fun Food Ponytail holders that are ouchless – truly appreciated by my daughter when I take them out of her hair! Their Storybook Series and Nature Friends Ponytails are soooo adorable! They are simply unique and amazing. She has been accessorizing with the cute hair Clippies and Barrettes as well. Staying with the yummy theme are the Appliqué Shirts. They are simply divine! I just love the Ice Cream Cone top!
badgeclip.jpgDo you wear an ID Badge at work everyday? Well how about accessorizing it with a fabulous ID Badge Clip! This ID Badge clip is retractable which makes it easy if you need to swipe the badge since you can pull it down. (What a clever idea) There are so many awesome designs to choose from. What better way to showcase your id than a retractable adorable badge clip!
Take advantage of free shipping good for the entire month of March. No coupon code required.

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