hightops.jpgOk, so we all know that I am a shop-a-holic! But did you know I am a shoe-a-holic as well? When my son was born, I started realizing there were way less cute things to purchase for him than I did when my daughter was born. She has so many pairs of shoes! So when we had a boy six months ago, my husband was thrilled that I wouldn’t be buying nearly as many shoes for my son or so he thought! After all, my son isn’t even near walking yet, so why buy any type of shoe for him? Well, first of all, here in the Northeast, it is starting to get cold and I don’t want my son’s piggies to get cold, hence the shoes. Second of all, I like matching shoes to different outfits. Call me crazy, but my son already has four pairs (all soft-soled of course)! So when I recently came across Heather’s Treasure Box, it was the perfect reason to get a fifth pair!
ballett.jpgThese adorable, cute, stylish hand-knit booties are available for baby boys and girls. My favorites are the Hockey Skates and Black High Tops for boys and the Ballet Slippers and Cowgirl Boots for girls, but there are many to choose from. I recently had my son in the Hockey Skates at an ice skating party for my niece and they were the hit of the party! Everyone wanted to know where I had gotten them and kept commenting how cute they were. I even had to put my son standing on the ice in them just so I could take a picture!iceskates.JPG
The booties have soles approximately 4-4 ½ inches from heel to toe, which will usually fit a baby from birth to 9 months. Interested in one of their booties but would prefer a different color? Contact them to let them know what you had in mind and they’ll let you know the availability! They welcome custom orders. Best of all the booties are machine washable!
To save 10% off of your order total, enter code MWS10 in the comment box at checkout and after your purchase you will then be refunded the 10% back. Offer valid through December 31, 2007.

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