kinders When I was a little girl, my mother had a business making customized rag dolls. I was the lucky one, getting all the test dolls and samples. My mother is a talented artist and put so much into her creations. These dolls were amazing, well loved,  and I still have several of them. This explains why I am such a rag doll snob.

Over the years I haven’t ever really seen a commercial rag doll that I would want for my kids. My mom’s creations are a really tough act to follow. But earlier this fall I glimpsed Adorable Kinders rag dolls and was immediately thrust into a nostalgic state.  Read to the end of this review for a great coupon and instructions how to win one of these amazing dolls!

The Adorable Kinders collection of 26 dolls is based on the alphabet. There are dolls from A-Z, boys and girls, with a variety of hair and skin tones. I requested that the company send a red headed boy – “Xander” for my review. It reminded me of my 20m son who would be the target recipient and tester. Little did I know my 5 yo son would be so jealous! Not so surprising when you learn that the collection is based on an active group of kindergarteners (5yos) and their world.

Right out of the box the doll struck a chord. The weight and quality of the doll, the attention to detail in construction and material (even the clothes and socks and shoes are lovely) really stand out. My son was smitten. He and his new doppleganger buddy jumped off the couch together a few times and then his pal was lovingly put to sleep with a tissue paper blanket and firm kiss goodnight. My daughters each oohed and ahhhed over the doll and commented that it was “no fair” that they didn’t have dolls like these when they were little. I had to agree.

Some other great features about these dolls: They are washable! They have no hard pieces which makes them very comfortable and safe to sleep with. Each doll comes with a unique ID code that lets you log on online and play educational games that are appropriate for preschoolers and K-6th graders. Clothing for the dolls can be ordered separately.

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