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The miracle of life is starting to grow, and it goes without saying that you’ve never been so happy! Don’t wait until it’s too late to start shopping for that growing belly.Love My Belly has styles for the Sexy, Fashionista, Stylin, Classic and Every Mama To Be, at our lowest prices ever….

The SUPPORT PANT from Love My Belly is the BEST maternity pant invented. The supportive panel provides support to your belly by lifting the abdominal muscles in order to alleviate lower back pain to your back and spine. The band is stretchy enough that it will accommodate your growing belly throughout your pregnancy. Kiss your back pains goodbye with the support pant.

Don’t commit yourself to potato-sack schmattes that pass for maternity wear!  Come and enjoy the faboulous finds in the  LOVE MY BELLY SUMMER SALE! No pregnancy should come between you and your need to be IN STYLE.  Love my Belly has a slamming section of maternity tees that will make your belly feel CUTE, SEXY and COMFORTABLE.

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  1. I have the same experience when I take a few days off from training. I get it back quickly, and the awkwardness does go away too. I hear some folks can come back stronger even after taking 2 weeks off. I guess it depends on the person.

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